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What We Offer

Concrete Repair

CENTER CORE engineering team and experts have loads of experience with this service, Using professional equipment and high quality material. We offer professional and experienced help with your projects, Concrete repair includes all types of concrete defects that may face the site during construction or old constructed projects which faced weathering or any weaknesses. Helping to match your unique needs and budget. We strive to provide great customer service and clear communication so you can understand the progress of your job 

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Don't panic if you missed to follow the required design any where in your project, we got you covered. Our engineers are ready to give you the proper design to strengthen the fault element and our construction team is well prepared to execute it on site with the shortest time frame. We use the latest technology to minimize implementation time and preserve structure dimensions. Click Learn More for more details.  

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Any thing standing in your way? any obstacle? Quite and easy with zero vibration tools we are ready to make your way obstacle free. Our wide variety of diamond cutting tools we have the best machine that suites your project. Wall saw diamond cutting, wire saw diamond cutting, ring saw, or floor saw and many other machines can do any cutting job with minimum mess and zero vibration.     

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Wall Saw Cutting

Wall sawing is one of the most effective diamond cutting methods. It can be one of the more critical steps in the construction process. This type of cutting employs a circular blade and can cut through reinforced concrete of nearly any thickness. Walls as thick as 24" can be cut using the wall sawing process.

Wall sawing can be performed on already standing completed buildings or concrete structures. 

Cutting a part of an existing structure can be challenging, this requires engineering supervision and control.

Center Core brings the level of experience and engineering experts to make any concrete wall sawing job smooth and success.

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Wire Saw Cutting

Wire sawing is a technique that originated in quarries to extract stone. It has proven to be an ideal choice for removal of thick sections of concrete with any shape or dimension. A multi-strand cable  with diamond segments is threaded through a series of pulleys and is continuously pulled through the concrete.

It enables to cut very complex structures both steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

It is suitable for all kinds of openings with exact corners and for large dimension sawing such as pipes or underwater cutting.  

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Diamond Coring

Coring is a drill specially designed to remove a cylinder of materials to have efficient conduits hoes in reinforced concrete, natural stone, synthetic stone and asphalt. it provides ventilation holes and test-core drilling. It also facilitates sanitary and heating installations. 

Center Core has the latest technology machines that can cut holes from 7 mm to 1500 mm diameter quick and clean with various depths up to 3000 mm. All types of coring including horizontal, vertical and inclined with water feed to ensure a clean and dust free environment.

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This imaging system is a non-destructive tool used to take 2D and 3D images for concrete and other structure. 

It helps in inspection of floors, decks, slabs, balconies, post tension structures and cast in place buildings, tunnels or bridges.

It is used to investigate areas prior to cutting and drilling.

it can detect and measure the depth of cover and slab thickness, diameter and positioning of reinforcing bars over a wide area.

Our machines includes cat scanning used to locate live services and non metallic features i.e. heating, water pipes, glass fiber cable, voids and wood in dry concrete structures

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Expansion Joints

We understand the importance of picking the right company that’s experienced, dependable and affordable. With this service and our many others, we have the tools and experience to get the job done with the highest standards and at the best price. Let us know how we can help with your needs.

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Bricks and Mortar


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